Eli & Dinah’s Ojai Wedding

What a special wedding for me to photograph, not only because it is what I love to do but it was also the wedding of one of my closest and dearest friends.  Such an amazing display of family, friends and BBQ!  I only hope that one day you get to experience Eli’s BBQ ribs, hands down some of the best I have ever had. 

This event took place in the backcountry of California’s Ojai Valley.  Rolling green hills, blue skies and rustic feel made for a beautiful backdrop.  Given the very hot temperatures this day was executed to perfection!  I don’t know many brides that bake their own cakes,haha, but when you are as good at it as Dinah, I would want to bake my own as well!  So many different styles and flavors, if you ever need a cake for future events or weddings, check her out at: www.facebook.com/dinahskitchen

Super talented!

One of my favorite parts about shooting a wedding is getting to know the bride and groom and listening to their story and how they met.  Within five minutes of talking to Eli and Dinah you just know they are meant to be, they are truly best friends and an amazing couple!!  Thank you for letting me share your picture perfect day with you guys!

Love you!